Getting Started

As Easy As A Day At The Beach

When you’re ready to consider braces or Invisalign for yourself or any member of your family, schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation with Carolina Braces. When you do, you’ll see why the doctors you choose make all the difference. Some doctors haven’t changed the way they straighten teeth in decades, still using headgear, recommending lots of tooth extractions and other invasive approaches, but not Dr. Kent or Dr. Foley.

The path to a great smile starts with a complimentary consultation. It’s a no pressure opportunity to spend some quality time with Dr. Kent or Dr. Foley, see the team in action and get the answers you need.

Your First Time In

Get To Know The Flow

The first steps of giving you your new smile are easy. Our Treatment Coordinator will walk you through each step of the process, so you won't have to worry about a thing. This is where you meet Dr. Kent or Dr. Foley for an examination and get all your pictures and scans done. So just bring yourself to get started! Click on the video below to see the first visit process in action.

Before You Arrive

Fill Out The Form Below

Before you come in for your visit, please fill out the forms below and bring them in with you. This will save both of us time during the appointment so we can get to helping you with your new smile even faster!

    • Patient Health History
    • HIPPA Forms

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