7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Braces as an Adult
June 17, 2021

Are you an adult considering braces?

Most people think that this orthodontic treatment is for teenagers. It’s not the case since anyone can get them. Adulthood won’t disqualify you from getting braces.

In some cases, it’s better to get braces once you move past your adolescent years.

Before you head off to the nearest dentist, expect the following when getting adult braces in Raleigh, NC. Read on and keep these in mind:

1. Braces Help Fix More Than Your Smile

As you visit your orthodontist in Raleigh, you’ll learn that braces do more than just fix your smile. The treatment helps realign your teeth. It also fixes other problems with your teeth and jaw.

For instance, it can help fix your bite and jaw alignment issues. It straightens your teeth. The treatment prevents it from bunching up and causing more problems. 

It’s also one of the reasons people get their braces during their adolescence. Regardless, if you need a fitting TMJ treatment in Raleigh, now is a good time to start.

2. Some Dental Work Needed

When going to a Raleigh orthodontist, expect some dental work before getting your braces. Get a dental checkup first to determine your oral health standing at this stage.

During this period, the dentist would look into possible issues. They will determine whether dental work is necessary before putting on the braces. In most cases, it’s general cleaning to prepare your teeth for the procedure. 

Sometimes, you’ll need tooth extractions. It helps get rid of problematic dental conditions such as your wisdom tooth.

The dental work helps prevent any interference with the treatment. After they finish the preparations, they will put the orthodontic braces on.

3. Braces Come in Different Forms

The good thing about braces is they come in different forms. Choose a fitting setup for your orthodontic situation. Regardless of your choice, know that braces are also affordable now. After all, you have the means to pay for them as a working adult.

You have lots of options and variants to choose from, including thinner metal braces. It ensures they don’t bother you while talking. There are porcelain or ceramic braces as well.

The materials for these braces contribute to their visibility on your teeth whenever you smile. Some would also have configurations that allow them to go behind the teeth.

Another option is to try out Invisalign. You can get this from an Invisalign provider as an alternative for your orthodontic treatment. They help align your teeth without looking like you used braces at all.

4. Regular Orthodontist Visits

When you have your Raleigh braces in place, keep in mind that you must visit the orthodontist at regular intervals. In this case, your orthodontist will schedule visits to check on the progress of your treatment. It’s an important component of your treatment, measuring its success.

During these times, they check the status of your teeth. It includes the alignment and the state of your braces. For instance, they must tighten certain parts of your braces to fix the alignment. They would also repair certain areas to prevent further damage.

Regular appointments also help check whether you have other complications in your braces. It allows them to discover whether your braces caused other problems or side effects. On the bright side, they will remove those treatments after a certain period.

5. More Emphasis on Teeth Brushing

Regular brushing becomes a requirement after getting your braces. Ensure that both your teeth and braces are free of food debris. It prevents tartar buildup, which would lead to tooth decay.

While it may seem tricky due to how the braces position themselves, it’s not as complex as you think. After all, you’ll use special toothbrushes that can help with the cleaning. You’ll also learn a set of instructions on how to brush with braces.

Flossing is also another habit you must develop while wearing braces as an adult. It helps prevent various food debris from getting stuck in your teeth and braces. You can check with Raleigh orthodontics to know more about how to properly floss.

6. Diet Changes May Come Up

Along with some regular brushing, your diet will change once you wear braces. Avoid some food types to prevent causing problems to your teeth. Find food that won’t damage your braces.

In this case, exercise caution with the following food items while wearing your braces. Some of these are:

  • Beef jerky
  • Chips and popcorn
  • Apples (unless sliced into pieces)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Carrots
  • Candy (sticky or hard)
  • Ice
  • Crackers and hard cookies

In addition, avoid eating food that you might bite with your front teeth. It applies to fruit, croutons, and sub sandwiches. During this period, consider going for healthier and more nutritious foods to get the necessary nutrients.

As always, it’s better to consult your dentist and get more information. Knowing what you can and can’t eat allows you to enjoy your meal without damaging your braces. Be proactive since it will otherwise cause costly repairs and replacements somewhere down the line.

7. Some Patience Required

It may take some time to adapt to braces after putting them on. It would feel uncomfortable, causing you to a minor lisp when talking. Despite this, the braces will remain for a certain duration.

Check with your Raleigh orthodontist. They can tell you how long the braces would remain on your teeth. When they go off, you will end up with a better smile.

Get Your Adult Braces in Raleigh, NC

Regardless of age, you can get braces to fix some orthodontic issues. Fixing your bite and jaw problems will improve your oral health in the long run. Never hesitate and know that you can get adult braces in Raleigh, NC. 

After deciding to get treatment, you must work with a reputable orthodontist. It ensures that the treatment goes smoothly and fixes every issue. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.