Beat the Heat with 5 Braces-Friendly Snacks
May 19, 2021

Before getting braces, grabbing your favorite chewy and crunchy snacks may have been your default. However, after braces, it is important to consider whether your snack choices will damage your appliances or be painful—especially if your teeth feel sore. Although braces do limit some of the foods you can eat, there are still plenty of safe and tasty snacks for those who have braces, and plenty of smile-friendly options for Invisalign® patients.

Here are a few seasonal snacks we love that are easy on braces:

  • Fruit salad: Berries are especially refreshing on a hot day! Blueberries, bananas, and grapes are some soft fruits that can be chewed with ease and confidence. Bite-sized pieces also make fruit salad an easy snack to enjoy. (It’s always a good idea to brush after you eat something so sugary!)


  • Cucumber slices and ranch dip: This seasonal spread is perfect for outdoor fun! Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making them an especially good snack for those wearing braces or Invisalign.


  • Ice cream: In addition to being the perfect treat to cool off in the hot weather, ice cream is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Just remember that your teeth are more susceptible to cavities when you have braces or aligners, so always brush and floss after enjoying an ice cream!


  • Seedless watermelon: Watermelon slices are a classic summery fruit, but be sure to skip seeded melons since biting into a hard seed can damage your appliances. For an even healthier take on dessert, try inserting a popsicle stick into your watermelon slices and freezing them!


  • Pita bread and hummus: Try this classic combination for an easy, healthy snack or party appetizer! The spread and pita are soft and can be chewed easily and confidently—even if teeth are a little sore after an adjustment or new tray.

Remember, if you have braces, only pick braces-friendly foods to avoid damaging your appliances. You wouldn’t want to pop off a bracket or bend your wires. For those with aligners, remember to brush and floss after every sip or snack! Have questions about what foods are off the menu with your appliances? Ask our team for more personalized information next time you’re in the office!