Defeating Your Braces Anxiety
July 18, 2018

AS IMPORTANT AS IT is to have straight teeth for better oral health and a more beautiful smile, many people are nervous at the prospect of getting them straightened with orthodontic treatment because they think it will be unpleasant or that people will make fun of them. For some, braces anxiety can even be a serious phobia. We’re here today to help ease those fears.

Don’t Let Pop Culture Give You The Wrong Idea About Braces

Whenever braces appear in movies and TV, they usually involve bulky headgear, or the character wearing them is portrayed as a socially awkward outcast. These are outdated stereotypes. Modern braces are very low-profile, particularly if you use lingual (tongue-side) braces or invisible aligners. Your braces and your social life will get along great, so don’t let concern for your peers’ reactions stop you from getting the smile you deserve!

Tips For Overcoming Braces Anxiety

Our number one tip is to ask questions!  If there’s something that is worrying you, or that you don’t understand about treatment, it is no problem to talk to Dr. Kent or Dr. Foley.  Trust us, they love talking about teeth!  Feel free to ask friends or look on the internet, but please remember that every case is different, and no two experiences are the same.  We want you to love your time in treatment and get excited about the changes in your smile!

Get To Know Our Team!

If you or someone you care about needs orthodontic treatment but hasn’t sought it because of braces anxiety, feel free to schedule a time to come to our practice, meet our team members, and get used to the facility. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you’re with us, and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

We look forward to seeing you!


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