Missing Adult Tooth: A Job For The Ortho
December 18, 2018

ADULT TOOTH LOSS can happen for a variety of reasons, from tooth decay to an accident playing sports. Whatever the cause, it’s crucial not to simply leave that missing tooth as it is, because the gap can cause a lot of problem for the surrounding teeth and the underlying jawbone.

How Tooth Loss Affects Alignment

The loss of even one adult tooth will lead to a cascade of unwanted movement throughout the dental arch.  This can make it difficult or even impossible to replace the missing tooth in the future.  

Your Orthodontist Can Help

Your orthodontist can help preserve the proper arch dimensions and help prepare the missing tooth site for a future replacement tooth.  If a missing tooth site goes ignored for too long, it can lead to significant treatment limitations, so don’t wait to talk to your orthodontist!

For more on the effects of an untreated missing tooth, watch this video:

Let’s Get Moving On That Missing Tooth!

Whether it’s been a day since you lost your tooth or years, schedule a consultation with us right away. We can make a plan for how to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting before you can get your replacement tooth — or to reverse any unwanted movement that’s already happened — and get your smile back on track!

Don’t let that missing tooth get your smile down!



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