Our Top Toothpaste Recommendations
May 29, 2018

THE TOOTHPASTE YOU CHOOSE can have a significant impact on your oral health and hygiene, but with so many different brands and types to choose from, how can you know which one is right for your smile?

Best Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

We still recommend Sensodyne toothpaste for patients experiencing sensitivity.  If you’re having discomfort with hot or cold liquids, or with sweets, we highly recommend you consult with your dentist to be sure nothing else is going on!

Best Toothpaste For Braces

Just about any fluoride toothpaste will do a great job with braces.  We just want you to brush carefully!  We do advocate caution with whitening toothpastes as they are more abrasive than standard dentifrices.

Make sure to pair the right toothpaste with correct brushing technique!

Still Confused? Come Talk To Us!

If you still aren’t sure which toothpaste is right for you or if you feel your situation isn’t covered by the above scenarios, just let us know and we’ll help you out. We can steer you in the right direction so that you’ll have the perfect toothpaste for your smile!


Keep up those great oral hygiene routines!


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