Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Orthodontic Treatment
December 12, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed all of our lives. This period of social distancing has proven that life is too precious to waste your time feeling unhappy with your smile. When the pandemic dies down and things return to a new normal, you’ll want to seize the day with a confident smile you deserve, and we’re here to make that happen! Read on for more information on why now is the perfect time to invest in orthodontic treatment—whether it be braces or Invisalign®.


Invest in yourself!


Americans have hit record savings rates in the wake of this pandemic. Between canceled vacations, staying at home, tax refunds, and stimulus checks, you may find yourself with a little extra money. If that sounds like you, why not invest it in yourself and your health? Braces or aligners do so much for your confidence and your smile!


Your treatment won’t be noticeable.


It is no secret that getting braces might make adults feel a little self-conscious. However, orthodontic treatment today is more discreet, convenient, and comfortable than ever before. With many people working from home and social distancing, you’ll have fewer person-to-person encounters. Plus, using face masks and coverings is mandatory in many states across the country. While wearing a face mask, your mouth is fully covered, meaning people won’t even be able to see your braces!


Orthodontic treatment improves dental health…and total-body wellness!


With the pandemic underway, many people are more focused on their health than ever before. We all know that braces or aligners provide a beautiful smile, but they can also help improve oral health, which impacts the whole body. Research shows that oral health is strongly connected to total-body wellness. It is linked to impaired brain function, diabetes, a weak immune system, and heart disease, while issues like jaw misalignment can contribute to chronic headaches in the form of TMJ disorder.


Orthodontic treatment corrects misaligned bites, jaws, and teeth—often improving oral hygiene, dental health, and overall wellness. This seemingly small investment can reap huge rewards!


Our offices will keep you safe and smiling!


If you are nervous about going into an orthodontic office during these times, rest assured that we are going above and beyond to keep you safe! In addition to following social distancing, thoroughly disinfecting our offices, and wearing personal protective equipment, we have also implemented additional protocols that go above guidelines set by the CDC, AOA, and ADA.


For instance, we have installed UV sterilizers on our HVAC units in both offices to sterilize the air and keep everyone safe. We are proud to use MicroShield 360, a multi-step application process that kills pathogens and prevents future ones from living on treated surfaces—we are the only orthodontic practice in the Research Triangle using this technology! In addition, we are also the first orthodontic practice in North Carolina to implement UV light technology by UV Angel in our offices.


Ready to book your appointment?


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