Why Choose a Family Orthodontist
May 20, 2022

Parents want what’s best for their kids, and that often includes a bright and beautiful smile. Crooked teeth are more than an oral health problem. Studies have found that malocclusion can lead to poor self-esteem

At Carolina Braces, we offer perfect teeth for kids through traditional metal braces, Damon braces, and Invisalign. Since not all orthodontists specialize in offering braces for kids, we offer this article as a reminder of the benefits of working with a family orthodontist.

The Family Orthodontist Difference 

Simply because an orthodontist accepts teens and youths doesn’t mean that the dentistry practice is equipped to work with youths. Some orthodontists have little experience or desire to work with teens and pre-teens. 

Dr. Kent, Dr. Marsh, and the team at Carolina Braces love working with children of all ages. We understand that some kids are nervous about visiting the orthodontist, so we go to great lengths to create a warm, inviting, and friendly atmosphere for our youngest patients.

Our family orthodontist team has experience working with people of all ages. Our patients know that every member of their family will receive compassionate and effective care at our orthodontist practice.  

Benefits of Working with a Family Orthodontist

Parents should consider the many benefits of working with a family orthodontist. Children and teens have unique orthodontic needs.

One of the most important considerations involves understanding how a kid’s growing jaws and skull influence treatments. If your orthodontist is not familiar with providing orthodontic treatments for kiddos, they may not be fully considering this important treatment factor. 

Treatment Options for the Entire Family

One of the top benefits of working with a family orthodontist is the ability to treat members of the entire family. A growing number of adults are learning about the benefits of Invisalign treatments.

We love seeing every member of our dental family enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Boosted Oral Health for Your Kids 

A beautiful is also a healthy smile. Dental crowding can make it difficult for your child or teen to properly brush or floss their teeth.

Following orthodontic treatment, your son or daughter will enjoy the benefits of more effective oral hygiene habits. Cleaner teeth are less prone to tooth decay or gum disease. 

Specialty Training

Some dentists can oversee Invisalign treatments, but only orthodontists undergo specialized training following dental school. Our doctors understand dentistry and the skills it takes to oversee complex orthodontic cases that dentists may not fully understand. 

Build Proper Habits

By working with a family orthodontist, your children will learn how to develop healthy habits. Our team members love showing kids how to properly brush their teeth and maintain their braces.

Education is a big part of what we do at Carolina Braces. Learning good oral health habits sets the foundation for a lifetime of optimal oral health. 

Create a Familiar Environment

It’s important that children have a trusted and reliable place where their dental problems can be addressed. As your child transitions from youth to adult and older, we’ll be here to address their orthodontic needs.

Once your teen heads off to college, we can still schedule summer checkups to address any issues he or she has. Many of our adult patients were formerly teenage patients. Having a trusted relationship with your orthodontist allows for continuity of care and a keen understanding of your child’s dental history. 

Promote Proper Growth

Preventing dental crowding and other serious oral health problems requires constant vigilance and attention. This is why we start working with children at around the age of 7.

As our doctors monitor the development of your child, corrective treatments can be given as needed to ensure proper development of the mouth, jaw, and teeth. 

Prevent or Treat Dental Issues

Working with a family orthodontist can prevent serious dental problems from arising. Contact our office if your child or teenager has any of the following symptoms. 

  • A noticeable overbite
  • Large gaps between permanent teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Bites on the inside of the gums
  • Preference for mouth breathing
  • Snoring
  • Clicking sound when jaws open

Jaw alignment relies heavily on teeth alignment. Addressing misaligned teeth can prevent serious jaw problems like TMD for your child down the road. 

Time Savings

Don’t you wish you could compile all of your errands with one stop? We can’t help you tackle everything, but we can offer you one central location for all of your family’s orthodontic needs. 

Taking each member of your family to see the orthodontist one by one can rob you of valuable time. Working with a family orthodontist allows you to schedule one appointment for the whole family. Simply call ahead and a member of our team will set up your appointment. 

We offer two convenient locations and flexible hours to make orthodontic visits as convenient as possible. We offer all of our patients appointment times that work for their schedule. 

Our doctors offer a wide range of treatment options to ensure that you rarely if ever have to be referred to an outside specialist. Whether you are seeking traditional metal braces or trendy Invisalign treatments, we have you covered. 

Learn More Perfect Teeth for Kids Treatment Options

Are you looking for long-term treatments that deliver perfect teeth for kids? Our doctors bring many years of experience in treating a wide range of orthodontic problems.

If you are looking for one practice to handle the orthodontic needs of your entire family, we welcome you to join the dental family of Carolina Braces. Simply fill out our online form, and someone will respond promptly. We are always accepting new patients.