Winter Braces Survival Guide
December 16, 2021

Winter brings snowmen, sledding, and holiday memories with friends and family. However, it also brings sensitive teeth and poor oral hygiene, leading to pain and discomfort during an otherwise cheerful season. Fortunately, there are many ways you can protect against these seasonal problems and enjoy winter while wearing orthodontics. Here are our best tips to help you keep your smile at its brightest all winter long!


Keep up your routine


Around the holidays, routines may change as people begin sleeping in, traveling, and spending more time sipping warm drinks. This means it is more important than ever to maintain good oral hygiene. Remember to brush for two minutes twice a day, floss daily, and consistently wear any removable retainers or aligners so you can keep your smile healthy all through the holidays.


Pay attention to sensitive teeth


Cold winter weather can leave your teeth more sore or sensitive than usual. However, there are several strategies you can use to counter this pain. If your sensitivity is mild, breathing only through your nose when outside may be effective enough to minimize any soreness. For more intense sensitivity, consider brushing teeth with a desensitizing toothpaste, which can dramatically ease discomfort.


Dont forget your lips


When you get braces, your lips stretch slightly to accommodate your appliances. This can lead to some dryness or chapping that may feel even more uncomfortable during the winter. The delicate skin on your lips is sensitive to wind, sun, and cold temperatures, so it is crucial to protect it from damage. For chapped lips, petroleum jelly is a cost-effective option that locks in moisture. To combat both the cold and UV rays, try a daily lip balm with SPF 15 or higher.


Choose the right treats


While the holidays are full of tempting seasonal treats, it’s best to avoid hard and sticky foods that can damage your orthodontics, get stuck in your teeth, and promote tooth decay. It is also important to try to limit sweet drinks since they are high in acidic content, can damage your tooth enamel, and lead to decay. Fortunately, there are plenty of braces-friendly holiday treats like pumpkin pie, sugar cookies, or cocoa that are sure to keep you and your smile happy.


Enjoy a healthy, happy smile


Don’t neglect your smile this season. By keeping up with your daily oral hygiene routine and all orthodontic appointments, you’ll keep your smile bright and healthy!